Lawn Service Contract Bid Request

The West Sand Lake Board of Fire Commissioners is soliciting bids for Landscaping and Grounds Keeping for the 2020-2021 Season. All bids must be received in a sealed envelope addressed as follows:

West Sand Lake Fire District
ATTN: 2020-2021 Lawn Service Contract
PO BOX 386
West Sand Lake, NY 12196

Bids are to be opened at the March 2020 regular meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners held March 19th at 7:00pm.

Specifications for Contract:

  1. Contract runs from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021
  2. Contractor must maintain his or her own equipment.
    1. No equipment shall be stored on Fire District property.
  3. Contractor may not subcontract the work
  4. Contractor must provide proof of insurance with minimum of $1M liability and $100K property damage. A binder will be required naming the Fire District as an additional insured upon award of the contract.
  5. All clippings and other debris to be taken offsite for proper disposal. No waste material shall be deposited in the dumpster or otherwise stored on Fire District property.
  6. Areas to be maintained:
    1. Lawn at rear of main engine house (brown building)
    1. Lawns and other grassy areas around fire hall (white building)
    1. Lawns around the gravel parking lot at the corner of Briegle Lane and Firehouse Lane.
    1. Lawn around the house at 26 Breigle Lane
    1. Walkways, driveways, parking lots and other unpaved property where grass, weeds and other plant life may be growing in an unsightly manner. Including in front of the 2 bay garage at the end of Firehouse Lane, and between the Firehouse lane parking lot and NY43.
    1. Lawn around the station generator.
  7. Parameters for mowing:
    1. Lawns should be mowed weekly, weather permitting, or more often, if determined by the Board of Commissioners or their designee.
  8. Contact personnel – The following personnel are empowered to contract eh contractor, to request additional services, or if the contraction has any questions:
    1. Commissioner Tom Delaney
    1. Secretary Heather Vooris


  1. Trim the brush around the following dry hydrants:
    1. Sheer Road (Near Brookside Garage / Tremonts)
    1. Sheer Road at the intersection of Biitig Road
    1. Pond Hollow Road (Near Glenwood Terrace)
    1. Thais Road (Near Delma Lane)
    1. County Route 55 (just in from Route 150)
    1. Route 151 (Between Timberland Dr and Chamberlain Hill Rd)
    1. Collins Road (at fire district boundary – just in East Schodacks District)
    1. Old Best Road (Near intersection of Parker Road)
    1. Westfall Village
    1. Reichards Lake Road at Town Beach
    1. Valley Drive (2 within the Patanian Development Forrest Glen)
    1. Brookside Senior Housing (multiple hydrants gravity fed from large pond behind mall)
    1. Parker Road, Just in from Barns Road

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