Rehab Team

West Sand Lake Fire Department has specialized in Emergency Incident Personnel Rehabilitation.  Starting this program back in 2007, it has become a valuable resource for the Rennselaer County fire service.  This program has come to fruition due to the hard work and passion of Chief Dan Hogle and Captain of Rescue Lloyd Fox.

The number one killer of fire fighters nation wide is sudden cardiac arrest. This more often then not is brought on by the unusual stresses on a fire scene. A firefighter’s core body temperature can increase by as much as 6 or 7 degrees while fighting a fire, this increases stress on the body and it’s crucial that the temperature be brought back down to normal as expeditiously possible.

To that end, and in an effort to protect ourselves and our fellow fire fighters, we are continually updating and researching the latest equipment and technology to rehabilitate fire fighters. This program is where it is today mainly due to the dedicated support of our Ladies Auxiliary.  The Ladies Aux has assisted in purchasing the special chairs, cooling vests and various other items using funds they raise during their breakfasts and dinners.

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