Request for Proposal: 2020-2021 Snow Plowing Contract

The West Sand Lake Fire District is soliciting proposals for snow plowing for the 2020-2021 season. Bids will be opened at the October meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners – Bids must be received prior to October 22nd 2020 at 7PM ** Updated Date as the meeting was rescheduled!**

Conditions of 2020-2021 Contract

  • Contract runs from October 1, 2020 through October 1, 2021
  • Contractor must maintain his/her own equipment.
  • Contractor must provide proof of insurance with a minimum of $1M liability and $100k of property damage.  An ‘accord’ binder will be supplied naming the fire district as an additional insured upon award of the contract prior to the initiation of the contract.
  • If the Fire District requires sanding or salting (at the option of the fire district) of the property be done at the end of any storm or as necessary, the bid must include the cost of the application of sand and salt.
  • Contractor will bid a flat annual fee, plus additional charges as specified in the contract, to be paid in two installments, fifty-percent (50%) to be invoiced and received within thirty (30) days of signing of contract and the remainder to be invoiced and received by the Fire District meeting April 2021.
  • Additionally, any plow damage to the lawns or stone areas being plowed that results in piles of stone or dirt left at the end of the season must be leveled back to the areas plowed at no additional cost to the Fire District.  

Property to be cleared:

NOTE: All parking areas and aprons must be cleared whenever three (3) inches or more of snow has accumulated on them.  The areas to be cleared under these specifications are:

  • Apron in front of main station (including parking area on the east of the station apron).  Snow should not be piled in such a way that restricts the view to either the easterly or the westerly access to Route 43.
  • Paved portion of parking lot on east side of main station between the fire station and fire hall.  Snow should not be piled in the front of the fire hall to avoid damage to the flag or the ‘park’ in the front of the fire hall.
  • Area in front of main double doors between building and railroad ties
  • The driveway to the back door on the station (unpaved).
  • Access to all exterior doorways to the main fire station, including directly in front of the bay doors.
  • Parking lot across from Firehouse Lane from fire hall

NOTE: The following areas are to be plowed on a “per storm basis”:

  • Apron in front of auxiliary building at south end of Firehouse Lane (Old Joe’s Quarters) 
  • Driveway to the Garage at 24 Breigle Ln
  • Driveway to the house at 29 Breigle Ln

NOTE: In the event of a scheduled Fire Department activity, the Fire District may require that snow be removed before 3” of accumulation has fallen. The Fire District will notify the contractor as to the dates and times when the parking lot must be cleared.

Snow can be deposited on the rear properties owned by the fire district, directly behind the station on Breigle ln. No snow should be deposited in the front of the fire station or on the property adjacent to the rear of the fire station. Removal of snow may be required if the level of snow accumulation (including that which is the result of the plowing) prevents utilization of the various parking lots/driveways. The snow removal must include the physical removal of the snow from the property (and designation as to where the snow will be deposited must be included in the bid). Cost of this removal may be billed separately, however the hourly cost of such service must be specified in the bid process.  Removal of this snow will be at the direction of the Fire District and must be accomplished in a timely manner when properly informed of such requirement. As part of the contract, 24/7 contact information will be required with your bid.  Due to the nature of the mission statement of the Fire District, priority of the clearing of the front of the fire station (1) and the easterly segment of the parking lot (2) must be provided during any storm.  It is expected that the recipient of this contract will frequently inspect these two areas for any accumulation which may inhibit the accomplishment of our mission statement.


All hydrants must be cleared whenever three (3) inches or more of snow has accumulated on them, or when plowing by road clearing equipment has rendered them inaccessible.

Contractor may be required to remove snow by use of a bucket loader in certain locations that piled snow may otherwise hinder the use of the hydrant.  These instances shall be billed on a per instance basis.

The following ten (10) dry hydrants are included in this contract. Dry hydrants must be accessible by fire apparatus at all times.  Includes area for fire apparatus to approach, hook up to, and depart hydrant.

NOTE: Contractor may be responsible for hand-shoveling hydrants, if necessary.

            -Reichard’s Lake Road (State Route 351), adjacent to the Town Beach.

            -County Route 55, near former Fox’s Zoo.

            -Corner of Sheer and Bittig Rd (north west corner access path)

            -Sheer Road, near Oliver property.

            -Route 151 between Chamberlin Hill Road and Timberland Drive.

            -Route 150 near Barnes Road at Blair property.

            -Thais Road near Delma Lane.

            -Hydrant on Valley Drive.

            -Hydrant on Old Best Road- north of Parker Road intersection.

            -Parker Road near Barnes Road.

West Sand Lake Fire District
PO BOX 386
West Sand Lake, New York 12196

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