Feasibility Study

Beginning in early 2010 The officers of the fire district began noticing problems with the existing physical fire station. They reported to the Board of Fire Commissioners everything from increasing repair and upkeep costs through serious safety issues with regards to the buildings. In May of 2010 the Board began the process of investigating what is the correct procedure to follow to rectifying some or all of the issues. It was determined that what needed to be done was a feasibility study. The study needed to be preformed by an Architect or Construction Firm and would determine exactly what the district has to work with. From that it will determine what the best course of action will be to rectify the safety issues and spatial limitations. The study will include input from the fire district commissioners, fire district officers and the tax payers of the fire district. The study will be administered by an outside entity with knowledge of fire station design and construction, but no preconceived notions of what the community needs.

In September, after issuing an open request for proposals, 17 proposals for the study were received from architect firms and construction firms. The building committee, then made up of officers of the district and several commissioners narrowed the list down to three proposals. The committee felt, through interviews, research and references checks that the three proposals best met the needs of the district while being economically sensible. These proposals were presented to the Board of Fire Commissioners.

In October of 2010, Hueber-Breuer was selected, on the recommendation of the committee, by the Board of Fire Commissioners, to preform the feasibility study. Less then a week later the committee began meeting with Hueber-Breuer to begin the process.

The first community forum was held on December 8, 2010 at the fire house. Though sparsely attended, it alerted the committee to the need for further communication with the community, and also showed the willingness of the fire fighters to work together towards a solution that would meet their needs without posing an unreasonable burden on the other tax payers.

On February 9, 2011 the second community forum was held. Articles in The Advertiser and additional postings around the village proved to be a good start for getting the word out as the second forum was far better attended than the first. At the forum the community expressed a desire to be more involved and have more input in the process. Additionally the community offered ideas and concerns some of which had not been explored yet by the committee.

Linked below are the committee’s mission statement, as well as copies of the presentations from each and every forum.

Mission Statement

West Sand Lake Presentation #1

West Sand Lake Presentation #2

West Sand Lake Presentation #3

The Study has been completed, below are links to the study and it’s appendices.

Feasibility Study


West Sand Lake Presentation #4

West Sand Lake Presentation #5

An Excellent article was published in August 11th’s Times Union and can be found here.

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