Estimated Tax Impact

To understand the full impact to our residents, it is first important to understand that these numbers are based on “Assessed Values” as determined by the Town of Sand Lake Assessors Office. This is not the sales price of your home or your total homes value. To determine YOUR current assessment please review your most recent tax bill or visit the tax receivers website where you can find copies of your tax bills and see your current assessment value.

Based on a successful bond referendum vote of 10.5 million dollars, the amount of increase would be $1.72442 per $1,000 assessed value.

Assessed ValueYearly Increase ESTIMATEDaily Increase ESTIMATE
$ 50,000$86.22 / year$0.24 / day
$100,000$172.44 / year$0.47 / day
$150,000$258.66 / year$0.71 / day
$200,000$344.88 / year$0.94 / day
$250,000$431.11 / year$1.18 / day
$300,000$517.33 / year$1.42 / day
Less than a cup of coffee per day to help YOUR volunteers provide you with the very BEST service possible & keep them safer while doing so.

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