Special Needs Registry

The West Sand Lake Fire Department has been working to develop their Registry for Persons in Need for the residents who reside within the West Sand Lake Fire District. The program has been designed to help people who are physically unable or require assistance to prepare for emergencies and their consequences. Examples of some emergencies that can arise are severe weather (any time of the year), terrorist attacks, chemical spills, etc. – any emergency that may require your evacuation or our assistance to you in time of need. Currently, the Registry is the first of its kind in the Town of Sand Lake.

In addition to evacuation or assistance during an emergency situation, the information from the application process will be input into the West Sand Lake Fire Department’s database system to be utilized as a record of your needs in addition to the File of Life program that was distributed with this Registry Application. We ask that you please fill out both the File of Life pamphlet and the Special Needs Registry Application so that we will have the most up to date information available to us in your time of need. The Registry is voluntary. All information obtained will be strictly confidential and will be utilized for emergency purposes only.

Attached, you will find a link or the application. The File of Life pamphlets are to be kept in their red cover on your refrigerator so that we may access them should you need our assistance. Please feel free to contact Dan Hogle,  if you have any questions. The number is 674-5757. Leave a message and he’ll call you back as quickly as possible.

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