2021 Line / Appointed Officers

Line Officers  
Chief of Department Edward J. Heffern
1st Assistant Chief Frank Gazeley
2nd Assistant Chief Scott Bumpus
1st Captain Lloyd Fox
2nd Captain
1st Lieutenant William Miller
2nd Lieutenant Steve Rohl
3rd Lieutenant
Captain of Fire Police Lyndon Ellis
Lieutenant of Fire Police Linda Ellis
Appointed Officers  
Safety Officers Kelly Paslow – Safety 1
  Dave Toftegaard – Safety 2
  Beth Hull – Safety 3
  Dave Hull – Safety 4
Quartermaster Steve Rohl
Special Equipment Billy Hardy
Truck Engineers Lyndon Ellis – 43-9
  Dan Hartstein – 43-6
  Dan McShane – Rescue 43
  Joe Verrastro – Fire Police 43
  Kelly Paslow – First Response 43

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