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Residents of West Sand Lake: Help Us Find You…. Please!!!



Picture this. You live on a nice quiet back road in your community. It’s 3 A.M. and you’re soundly asleep. Suddenly, your spouse wakes you in a panic. They’re having severe chest pains and can hardly speak due to the pain making it difficult to breathe. You quickly call 911 to summon help from the ambulance. They’re dispatched right after the call is made. They’re given your address. The street is obviously familiar, but as they’re coming up the road, you see them drive by – slowly. Then they go by again in the other direction. You begin to panic. “Why aren’t they stopping?” you wonder. In the meantime your spouse suddenly goes unresponsive. You panic and run out into the street. For what seems like an eternity, but was only seconds, the ambulance comes back again and they see you waving them down in the street. They rush inside to find your spouse in cardiac arrest and begin their treatment to try to reverse the condition. You overhear one of them say to another “If only the house number was visible – we would have been able to find the house quicker and not lost so much valuable time. I hope it’s not too late”.

A frightening thought isn’t it? This is just one scenario that comes to mind. Other emergencies are just as critical. What if your house was on fire and you needed the fire department? Or if there was someone breaking into your house and you needed the police department? Finding your house quickly in your time of need is very important. Having your house number visible from the street makes all the difference.

Did you know it’s now the law that all buildings are to have clearly visible numbering in a position to be clearly seen from the road? It’s true. The numbers are supposed to be a minimum of 4” in height and have a contrasting background – so as not to potentially blend in with your buildings natural color. The West Sand Lake Fire Department sells street address signs as a fundraiser to help us find you. There are two kinds. The one kind attaches to your mailbox or a signpost at the end of your driveway. The other attaches to your building (provided it’s close enough to the road where we can see it). They’re sold for $15 each and can be purchased through the fire department call 518-674-5757 and leave a message with the Chief.  We can even stop by to show you some samples first if you like.

Please – help us find you.

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