File Of Life

File of L.I.F.E.

In a continuing effort to enhance their services, the West Sand Lake Fire Department is providing the citizens we protect with a new life saving program called the “File of L.I.F.E.” The File of L.I.F.E. is Lifesaving Information for Emergencies.  In an attempt to maximize our abilities to help you when responding on an emergency medical call.  Completing the File of Life worksheet could save your life or the life of a family member.

What is the File of Life?

The File of L.I.F.E. kit is a small magnetic plastic folder that holds your vital medical information and is stored on your refrigerator and your vehicle’s glove box.  This kit enables emergency medical personnel to locate helpful information regarding your medical history in a time of crisis.

Why should I participate?

As Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) important information must be gathered in order to properly treat the patient.  If this information is available immediately upon arrival on the scene, minutes can be saved in regards to patient care.  When seconds can mean the difference between life and death, the advantages of participation are obvious.

Who will have access to this information?

If you or your family requires emergency medical treatment possible life saving information will be available to responding personnel.  This includes the West Sand Lake Fire Department, as well as other emergency responders; including ambulance and police.  At no time will this information be available to anyone other than emergency personnel involved in the treatment of the patient.  Prior to the emergency, the information is stored by you and is kept safe until needed.

Where will this information be stored?

The worksheets will be placed in a File, which will be stored in two locations: 1) on the door of your refrigerator and 2) in the glove box of your car.

How will the responders know I am a participant?

A sticker notifying the responder will be placed on your front door and on your rear driver side window.

Tell me how this works.

When we are called to your house for a medical emergency; Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel will see the sticker upon entering your residence.  Responders will retrieve the information from the File and the information will guide in your emergency medical care.

Who should participate?

It is our goal that all family members young and old will fill out worksheets.

How often should I update the information?

It is important to update and maintain current information.  If there is a medication change or any other problems that should be noted make the changes on the form or obtain a new form.  If you need additional forms, please contact the fire department.  The phone number is (518) 674-5757. Firefighter/EMT Kristina Hogle is in charge of the program but any member should be able to assist you.

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